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This is a little different from our regular fare, but it’s a topic that consumes new parents so I thought it would be a good addition. published the top baby names of 2010 and tracked what will be the hot names of 2011.  Here is an interview I did with editor Linda Murray on the topic.  She was on a media tour and I am the disembodied voice, but it’s an entertaining exchange I believe.  But, then my name is from a famous cartoon character so what do I know?  (Yes, Mom, I know you were thinking Daphne DuMaurier).

7 thoughts on “Top Baby Names

  1. I liked that format. You’d do good on radio too…something endearing about knowing what you look like, but only needing to hear your inflections. You’re a good speaker.

  2. Who else gets upset when “your” baby name becomes popular? I had that, “well crap” moment when you guys mentioned Kellen is popular because of the Twilight actor. Did you know that it’s a uni-sex name too KellAN for girls KellEN from boys?

  3. i’ve got a hazel (11 yrs old) and a virginia (16mos), both named for grandmothers and no where near being on any top-10 list. in fact, in hazel’s entire lifetime, i’ve met just two other girls with her name.

    i’m also a huge believer in giving FULL names. call your lil’ ones all the silly nicknames you want, but please give them a real name that will hold up to a professional position.

  4. When I was preggo with my first (who ended up being Eric Keegan), I really wanted Madison Elena as the girl’s name. Being a Kimberly born in the late 60’s, I was desperately trying to get away from “common” names. Much to my surprise, when Eric entered kindergarten, there were no less than 3 Madison’s in his class (and he was the only Eric). Whew!

    Then, when it was time to name our next child. My ex insisted upon “Jason” as his name and I wasn’t convinced thinking Aidan or Ethan might be more original. Turns out he’s the only Jason in his entire elementary school (and I can’t quite count all the Ethans and Aidans).

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