A Blog is Born

Gather round those that like a good wit!  After YEARS of begging my sister Carole (seen here in  a CM vid) to do a blog she has finally done it.  LAgirlNOW has arrived.  It’s all her faves: food, shopping and iconic LA.

Carole is a modern day Dorothy Parker.  The enthusiasm in her writing is who she is in real life. IMG_0361.JPG

Always excited to hear about new things, people, their lives.  Now, if you don’t live in LA, give it a look anyway just to get a taste of her joie de vivre.

If you are in So. California Carole will be a great guide.

I’m so proud of my big sis.

2 thoughts on “A Blog is Born

  1. Daph,

    you have always been a trailblazer! and extremely funny too… very few people can do a perfect Sally Kellerman imitation at age 12… I finally listened to you!

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