Dirty rugs

Hey, has anyone watched “Outsourced” on NBC?  That’s a funny show.  It’s kind of like “The Office” in India, but without all the jerky camera moves.  It’s nice to see some different cultures in mainstream TV and it’s funny.  We all get irritated when you call a help line and you can tell you are speaking to someone in another country.  Well, this is largely from the perspective of the people on the other end of that call.

I saw “Tangled” the other week with my daughter and Mark.  We loved it.  Always thought “Princess and the frog” would have done better if they had launched it Thanksgiving weekend instead of later in December.  I was too pooped and busy by then.  I saw it, sure, but we probably would have seen it 12 times had it been out earlier.

Oh, I have dirty rugs.

6 thoughts on “Dirty rugs

  1. I live in filth too! My carpets have been trashed by two little kids, a dog with digestive issues, and a husband who refuses to take of his shoes when entering the house. I love Flor tiles….www.flor.com. They are affordable, modern looking, and you can replace the really stained ones without replacing the whole carpet.

    BTW…love your blog. And your attitude towards the whole getting-robbed-by-a-scumbag thing is a refreshing and realistic approach towards dealing with the crap that life deals us. Keep it up!

  2. I gave up on rugs — dogs and kids are too much for them. Every couple of years I decide I should try again (the idea of rugs is very cozy, I have ideals of kids playing on the floor together, etc.) — but I always give up after a while when I realize the frustration of keeping them clean is much worse than just not having them. We have all tile/wood floors in the whole house.

  3. M- thanks so much. Thanks for coming to CM! Someone else told me about Flor… your dog sounds challenging

    Laura, I would, but i hate the acoustics. I’m a light sleeper so I need noise to be buffeted by my filthy rugs

  4. Loved the confessional. At least rugs are easier to deal with than wall-to-wall carpeting…once stained there’s only hiding it. We’ve gotten rid of one or two rugs after a midnight throw-up session by one of the kids.

  5. When my kids were small I gave up on rugs too. I gave up on knick-knacks and anything I couldn’t put in a cupboard and just shut the door. It’s alot quicker to clean when there is less sitting around.

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