House Arrest

A big– if not THE reason–mom bloggers have become such an significant presence online is because many of us are shut-ins.  This isolation can drive some to go inward, become depressed, drink too much, talk to themselves or act like characters in a children’s show.  But, enough about me.  One could also choose instead to have delusions of grander.

Just a suggestion

4 thoughts on “House Arrest

  1. I actually think there’s a grain of truth in feeling noble about having a steady presence in the home. It’s hard to see the impact it will have on them while they’re still young and needy, but they’ll feel a calm throughout their adult years as they recall that sense of security, that home is a stable and reliable place. I surrendered years ago, though it wasn’t an automatic or easy transition into accepting my lot.

  2. You looked like the last queen of Hawai’i, up on that balcony! I get what you mean. I feel like my face gets chapped on the way to the car, and it’s been so long since I’ve been in the sun that I’m pretty much the color of this rented apartment’s walls.

  3. love it! i’m having a delusional day as well. it’s already after 2:00 and i’m still in my pajamas and i’ve had 2 slices of cold pizza and a diet coke. even my coffee this morning just sat in the mug and got cold (i found it on my bedroom dresser about an hour ago). in my case, the baby is sick, the husband is traveling, and the 3 year old and the dog are driving me bonkers… so i’m on house arrest for sure. is it 5:00 yet?

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