This video is a recreation of a REAL conversation.  One that happened in my kitchen.  I was not the main talker in the real life version, but I am acting as the main player here so I can bring this to you.  It was so funny when it happened.   You know when you are hanging out with friends and someone brings up something so random, so snorting milk through the nose funny?  It’s usually something that you always thought yourself, but never dared say outloud.

11 thoughts on “Caillou

  1. And the real question is why is Caliou so annoying and whiny? Oh yeah and bald?

    And why does Arthur have a dog for a pet, shouldn’t he have a human?

    And what kind of name is Sister Bear anyway?

    I think I need to make a round of Cosmos and discuss this with my friends. (nice manicure by the way…)

  2. The baldness and the blandness. What the heck? And the name. Could you make it any harder for a preschooler to get a name? K-IIII-OOOO. Ok whatever. By 2 and a half my son would not even watch it. Much preferred the Brits and the Fireman Sam etc lineup.

    Love your blog!

  3. But my favorite parts are your opener and Mark’s “Mmmmmm” after you say “let’s talk about the elephant in the room.” hilarious

  4. Seriously! And what’s with the shirt? No one else in the show dresses like they’re in Japan. But I must admit, I do get that damn song stuck in my head on a regular basis. Favorite cartoon theme song though- Kipper the Dog.

  5. My 5 year old, in all seriousness, while tolerating the 20 mos’ old viewing pleasure at the moment, asked me that very question…which prompted a conversation more appropriate for your “dumber than your 5 year old” blog of recent note… to wit: “Mommy, some people don’t have hair, right?” “Well, yes honey, that’s right.” “But those people are usually old, right?” “Well, sometimes, but it really depends honey. Sometimes you can lose your hair because you’re sick and have to take medicine that makes your hair fall out. And sometimes you can have a condition that makes your hair fall out (could not remember the name alopecia at the time), but mostly, bald people are men who lose their hair. Usually it’s genetic, so if you are going to, you start losing your hair in your twenties.” “but WHY does your hair fall out” “ummm, i’m not really sure honey.” “And, ummmhmmm, WHY doesn’t Caillou have hair? He’s not old. ” “I have no *%^#^ing idea!!!” (not really, but that’s what I was screaming inside).

    Thought your funniest comment was about the “lesbian” couple because I have always complained that the dad is a total wuss. He’s incredibly annoying!!!!

    Rosie is the only tolerable character on that show.

  6. Hi Daphne –

    My four-year old son is pretty obsessed with Caillou, so I got a kick out of your bit from December.

    Then, this evening, came the question: Daddy, why is Caillou bald? And I was *this* close to answering, well, son, I’m afraid Caillou might be undergoing chemo…..

    PS A web search brought up these links:
    and (So much for PBS’s statement that “the fact that he is bald does not seem to bother preschoolers in the least… they never mention it…”)

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