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Leeza Gibbons was on The Fashion Team a couple of years ago and she talked about “setting your intention for the day.”  That sounded so heavy, but it stuck in my head and it was a different, more dynamic way of saying, “do what is on your to do list”.

Today I didn’t set my intention.  Between nothing written done to guide me, the cold rain and my cramps I feel I squandered some precious hours where I had the kids occupied.

Well, can’t be productive everyday.

10 thoughts on “To Do List

  1. I live for lists because my brain can’t hold it all. I use (and have multiple lists – I know – crazy, huh?). But somehow it helps.

    And if I have a big project, I write down all the little steps. Then I can A) know where to start and B) feel like I’m getting somewhere when I can cross them off 🙂

  2. I’m having some quiet this morning too, and not using it to be productive. After the busy holidays it’s nice to just sit in the peace.

    Sometimes I keep lists, usually I just keep things in my head and allow the universe to give me quiet promptings.

  3. yes… must.have.list. we are getting ready for a 5 hour flight to the east coast this week and i haven’t even STARTED my list… we leave in 24 hours. but like you said, if i don’t write it down, it doesn’t exist… so there isn’t even any stress until it gets written down. i gotta get on that… 😉

  4. OMG, too funny! I make lists for everything, otherwise I don’t remember. I had no idea someone else wrote something down on their list that was already done just to cross it off. What is that? I’m kind of guilty and happy at the same time when I do it. I think I want to justify that I got something done, and for my husband to see how wonderful I am.

  5. Are you telling me that there are people that can remember to do things that aren’t written down? I certainly can not.

    I even have my husband making lists now and he was anti-list when we got married. It’s the only way I function.

  6. To do: Enjoy the New Year with your family, celebrate all you’ve accomplished during this past year, be assured that your many fans support you and your dreams, only vlog when the mood genuinely strikes you…but, know that you are missed.

  7. You’re a funny lady, Daphne…you always make me laugh! And yes, I always have several lists going at the same time with notepads in almost every room. Also, I do the same thing you do where you write something on your list that you’ve already done just so you can have the satisfaction of crossing it off!

  8. this was so funny!
    i love a list. a post-it. a techie voice mail/task list reminder. and i totally write that thing on and cross it off in a heartbeat without guilt or the slightest bit of pause. it’s like my own little pat on the back. “did that! good job!!”, check!

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