4 thoughts on “Toddler Athletes

  1. P.S. Did you ever end up making that Moroccan Tomato- Honey Chicken with Almonds you were eyeballing and announcing on Twitter. (I love how that’s a feature on your front page, and the “recent comments”…great design).

    Anyway, the recipe looked good and might rival my sweet and sour chicken (www.melskitchencafe.com). Worth a look!

  2. ha! Well, fortunately it was night Mark was cooking so he did and it was good and I ate the left overs yesterday and packed them in Viv’s lunch. The downside was we were using chicken cutlets, so some thighs or such would have been tastier. He did make some long cooked beens using my old ( 2 days) beef stew broth from my crock pot that was tasty as well. will check out the sweet and sour!

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