Farts are Always Funny

Here is a typical day at my house:  I read Shakespeare to Rex, have him practice his reading of “Howl” and then after nap his violin lessons.  He has a lot to learn before he is two (next month!).  But, mom’s lessons are big and small, vast and microscopic.  Some can’t be seen by the naked eye.

That Rex… he gets it.  Hey, it’s not like I’m teaching him how to swear, drink and punch out sailors.  That comes later.

7 thoughts on “Farts are Always Funny

  1. Just strolling through the Cool Mom playground (to me, that’s Good Bite and Parents Ask), and checking out my favorite cooking lady bloggers. Yup, time for the cooking videos to begin my friend…know any handsome chefs who could accompany you?

    Just wanted to let you know (bragging) that I won an All-Clad roasting pan just before Thanksgiving on GOOD BITE. And a month later won a $250 gift certificate to Williams-Sonoma for talking about a favorite family recipe, on GOOD BITE again.

    I’m coveting my goods!

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  3. i just watched this like 4 times in a row and am about to hit replay again. my 18mos old loves it! she just stares at rex and smiles. and as soon as the vid stops, she starts signing ‘baby’ and grunting at me to hurry me along to replay!

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