School Dazed

Post Holiday Vacation… it’s tough to get back in the swing of things.  I’m thinking of myself here.  Getting breakfast made, lunches ready, humans dressed, shower is a challenge with two parents who have to read two newspapers even if the house is on fire.

But, for Vivien it’s also hard to go back to school.  Even though she likes her school.  “Mommy, when I go to school I don’t see my family as much.  I like to see my family.”  No wonder people home school.  It was nice to have her home.  I wish Kindergarten were a shorter day.

So, this is one of then times I tried to motivate her for school.  I was not succesful.

Note on language in this one:  The first time my dad saw my mom in grad school he said, “Hello, Scholar!” The rest is history.

3 thoughts on “School Dazed

  1. I know, I live for even the three day break that comes with Martin Luther King’s birthday. Able to sleep in, and just stay in the rhythm that is family without forced obligations. This was a “five day week” as I call these tediously long ones (four kids to get ready and out the door every morning)…and TGIF!

  2. I used to half dread/half enjoy the breaks… my little on is in Early Intervention. Her day is hectic at best. Having too much time on her hands is not always to her advantage and while I know that, sometimes I just like cutching with her on the couch (when she’ll allow it) or some other such simple thing….

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