Rex and his Car

Great part about the start of the year is there are so many new toys to play with.  To the kids their toys are just as, actually more, important as our big kid toys.  So would if they were marketed as such?  Or perhaps juxstapose a commercial for the desired block of plastic with the experience the parent has with it.  That is what I explore here.

Back in my day we had a metal car with pedals that was left out rusted and developed sharp edges that we cut ourselves on.  Oh, the good old days.

10 thoughts on “Rex and his Car

  1. Oh, I’ve missed coming here.

    Work, and work..but I’m off till Saturday, and how awesome to come back to REX.

    My main man, Rex.

    What a heartbreaker.

    And my brother and I had a rusty old fire engine car/truck, with a bell in front, and pedals and we were crazy about it. The best Xmas present we ever got.

  2. OMG I was driving home tonight thinking, I have got to track Alexandra down!! Have missed you. Did you see Italian movie star? I thought you would get it with your boys. xo

  3. Best video ever!
    You are so clever, brilliant, amazing!
    I’m going to watch it again and I feel better that Alexandra
    saw it too,

  4. the bain of the snap together plastic! g’ma got lil one a toy vacuum and i pushed and torqued and pushed mightily, until the top part of the handle FINALLY snapped into place. i was getting ready to get the gorilla glue out.

    love rex’s enthusiasm about the recall. 😉

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