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Admittedly, it’s hard to hear what I say here as Mr. Rex steals the show again with his cuteness.  But, question: Do you use your wedding china?  According to this informal survey, nearly 60% percent said they used theirs. Course those are people who go to a home decorating site … not exactly scientific.

Why do we want pretty stuff we rarely, if ever, use?

11 thoughts on “Wedding China

  1. I don’t have any wedding china, I had a small, rustic wedding at Sundance…ahh, the memories. But I do try to use my decent dishes over paper plates, because a meal celebrated together deserves that kind of attention. Still, I’d worry about chipping or breaking yours. Why does it have to be so fragile?

  2. I don’t have wedding china. However, I do have my Mom’s good china and crystal wine glasses. The fancy shchmancy-ness of it all is unbelievable. Yes, we do use them. We use them at breakfast in fact. On Sunday mornings we will get up and make a full on breakfast (about 9:30 – no 8 am here) and we put it on her good china and our orange juice in her crystal wine glasses. Then we toast to Sunday mornings. After we clean it all up dancing to Glenn Miller.

    I love Sundays….

  3. LeAnn, can I come over? I love to put on swing music on the weekends too. IF you get “chuck cecil’s swinging years” on your local public radio listen, you will love him. Great tradition. way to live.
    J- yeah, the more expensive,the less durable. strange. went to Sundance resort with my dad once. Heaven. So glad he and I did that. great memories.

  4. Fantastic comment! I have often wondered the same things. But then, just try getting rid of wedding china, or grandma’s silver, or antique furniture, or jewelry that’s been passed down… It’s impossible. The link, the memories, to what this object means, who it’s come from, where it’s going… It’s all so very poignant that short of fire, theft, or foreclosure, most people follow a “till death do we part” when it comes to this particular clutter. Lol. I feel your pain, and I admire your china.

  5. I think if I had a gravy boat I’d just eat more way more gravy than I need.

    I didn’t get married until I was 36 and I think everyone assumed I’d have fancy dinnerware by that age. Not true! All of my dinner plates have chips on them, and not the potato kind!

  6. Precisely why we don’t have fine china. Not only do I just have the basic bare bones dining room table and chairs in my dining room. I don’t have any sort of hutch or buffet to house said china in. We had earthenware for awhile, because you know, it’s trendy and it looks nice for every day, but dude, do you realize that stuff gets to be like MOLTEN LAVA if you put it in the microwave?

    So now, because of having two small kids and being over having multicolored plastic kid plates, I bought plain, inexpensive corelle. I feel like my mother.

  7. That is precisely why I didn’t ask for fine china for our wedding. Although I was lucky enough to have a full set of beautiful, classic china passed down to me from my grandmother. We get around the “don’t use the fine china” by using very unique, beautiful hand painted salad dishes as dessert plates. Desserts deserve to feel special and they don’t get used often enough to stress over.

    But yea the nice jewelry is all in one nice compact jewelry box right on display for the quick robber.

  8. We use ours for all special occasions and I like to, it does make the meal feel special. Used it last night for the Valo dinner in fact! So far the kids have not destroyed it but they don’t get much of a chance. We adults have however broken many a crystal wine glass over the past 11 years…

    Also I think it depends on how ‘fine’ is fine — ours was not outlandishly expensive, maybe thats why I don’t worry about it too much.

  9. our ‘wedding’ china was an everyday pattern, so we use ours all the time. i have fancy christmas china that i break out every year for the holiday season and i have my mom’s wedding china that i need to remember to use!

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