My commercial!

You know what a fan I am of the commercial that stays with you for years (Tarnex anyone?).  Well, I hope my commercial for Packit has some lasting power.  Packit was invented by two single moms and they are hoping to go big time with their invention by making a direct marketing commercial.  They asked me to be the spokesperson.

Here is the commercial.

In a nutshell, it’s a lunch bag that keeps food cold for 10 hours and collapses in your freezer when you aren’t using it.  I do put yogurt smoothies in Vivien’s bag now that she has one  ( she loves the pink polka dot one).  My mom takes her lunch to work in the red one.  She eats very healthy so taking her own food to work is a good fit for her.

Check it out and Pack it!

( by the way I got a flat fee for the commercial. If they sell one or one million I won’t get anymore, but I like the gals that created it and I like the product)

8 thoughts on “My commercial!

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  2. That turned out great! The fact that your mother and kids enjoy the product adds to the appeal, I like the technology of it…and for $24.99, not a bad deal.

    I thought this was going to be your commercial for CoolMom, televised. I really think you should spread your brand around more, you’ve perfected the art of the video Momversation. And your co-stars…mom, sister, husband, kids, they only enhance YOUR product.

    Anyway, very convincing acting. It was fun to see you fully “on”.

  3. A little late to the party, but I just saw this commercial during my girl’s viewing of Thomas & Friends and I jumped “Hey, I know her! It’s Daphne!”

    So I ran on over here to say – Great job!

  4. Why do you have to say school lunches are yuk? That’s not cool. The school my kids go to have an awesome breakfast and lunch program.

    To generalize all school lunches suck make you look like a fool. You know that not all of them do.

  5. Cyborg- I think it’s great you feel so strongly about school lunches. My daughter’s school has good lunches as well. I was not thrilled with this new VO script when I recorded it last week, but the picture was locked and the lunches I had at my school were disgusting, so I drew on that experience to sell this line. I think to say I look like a fool is excessive. When I see people making statements about products on commercials I don’t think their foolish, I think that they need to make money.
    I still like the pack it.

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