Ren & Stimpy

The subject here is a mere backdrop or metaphor to my kids.  “Why My Daughter is Such a Great Big Sister” probably would have been a more apt title.  Or “Our Mother is So Self Involved as She Muses Over Pop Culture”.

Maybe just an acronym?  OMISSIASMOPC.  That’s never going to catch on.

7 thoughts on “Ren & Stimpy

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  2. “This is the best show on.” Indeed it is. When my husband and I brought our oldest home from the hospital, we sat and watched her in the carseat and joked that we no longer needed tv. And over the years we have exacted the same entertainment value (nay, even better!) from watching her dance, play, and interact with her younger sister. She stops traffic in our house, actually, when she starts making her sister laugh…there is no better sound than that of siblings happily playing together. Great video Daphne.

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