Children’s Book Review

The good thing about having more than one child — besides producing a human who can affirm for your first born that “Yes, our parents are nuts!” — is that all that stuff you haven’t thrown away will be used again. The highchair, some clothes, the crib, the stroller… This amortization makes additional children seem like a worthy investment (skip the part about paying for private school or college; just let that go for now).

One of my favorite early Cool Mom vids was this one about how parents get bored reading certain children’s books.  As Vivien got older, I found that I was less bored.  We read different things, and some even have pretty good little stories.  But now that Rex can say “book” and “sit here” while gesturing to me – well, really commanding me – to sit next to him on Vivien’s bed (that’s our reading place), I am remembering why reading to the toddler-to-three set can be a challenge.  They interrupt, thrusting different books in your face, saying, “this, this,” and then want the same book read over and over about 43 times.

Most of our favorite books were gifts, but not all of them smell like spring roses.  That’s a metaphor.

3 thoughts on “Children’s Book Review

  1. Gorgeous! Kathleen and Daphne, try books on the iPad and iPhone – then kids can read or hear their favorite stories over and over and over – but you don’t have to read it every time! My iPad app books have saved my sanity!

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