Butt Crack Moms

We don’t mean to be BCM, but the life of a mom is one of stooping, running and countless bending overs. It’s not meant to be sexy; frankly, it’s not.  It looks a little crazy. But, if you want to stop your toddler from running into traffic, or you are involved in playing with your kid on the floor, sometimes you show some crack.

9 thoughts on “Butt Crack Moms

  1. Okay Daphne, you have a very nice ass and colorful taste in undies, but I have post traumatic ass-crack syndrome.

    At least twice a week (depending on how often I was late) for two years, I was subjected to gratuitous, seemingly oblivious, butt crack vistas upon entering my daughter’s Montessori after drop-off. A very lovely, and dedicated volunteer mom would conduct morning story time perched on her knees with her legs tucked under her sideways. Acres of ass and only slivers of thong said “hello asshole” to each and every person crossing that “holey” threshold. When I finaly couldn’t take another peep show, I risked the wrath of the nun-like administration and mentioned “butt-crack Monday” only to leave in shocked silence when they giggled and said, “We know! Isn’t it hilarious?!?”

    My only solace is knowing that Maria Montessori would have turned it into a practical life exercise…like thong snapping, or ass polishing.

  2. OMG Heija, you are- per usual– so funny. And despite the trauma, I hope I CRACKED you up.

    Thanks for kudos on my butt. been fighting flat white girl ass for while.

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