Volunteering at School Lunch

Oh, the best laid plans.  I volunteer a fair bit at my daughter’s school, but one day I did hot lunch.  (It’s a shift I had to give up because it fell during Rex’s nap time. I would drive over to the school with him, he would fall asleep and I would spend an hour plus sitting in my car with him, not helping out.)

Surely, my daughter would be happy to see her mother nearby. Her mother involved in her school. In her LIFE.  It’s not like she is a teenager, cringing as I help out at every available event in her high school (which I will do if I am underemployed like now).  She is in kindergarten. Oh, what fun this will be!

My home is a stand-in for the school.

7 thoughts on “Volunteering at School Lunch

  1. I love seeing my kids in the school setting. It’s fun when their friends are used to seeing you there, and they greet and welcome you. I’ve yet to volunteer, since my excuse is that I always have a toddler clinging to me. But we try to attend the events instead of playing the “too tired and busy” card. It’s always ended up being fun.

  2. ha, good advice. Jessica, I have the toddler excuse as well.. but sometimes he comes and sometimes I can’t, and sometimes he gets covered by another adult.
    Thanks for comments, I thought the theme, “being rejected by your child” would hit more of nerve.

  3. hahah! doubled over! you know you cant just get it right. i have a 4 yeqr old who over clings and I literally have to push her out to school. but then when i go there she acts all grown up and even askes me to leave! It breaks my heart. but i remember i used to hate my parents being around me in school also, so i guess i undertand

    BUT SHES 4!!!! well as u said, its nice she’s ‘independent’ (huh!)

  4. Ha-larious, just gets better (not) as they get older..Cammy barely acknowledges my existence when i stamp her book at the school library. She’s in 5th grade. Although i have to say, she didn’t want me to drop her off at school without me until this year. so, ya never know.

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