16 thoughts on “If Moms Acted Like Charlie Sheen…

  1. Hey, can we go back and revisit that “tin cans into gold” statement. I think this warrants some follow-up… You might have a profitable business here.

  2. daphne! this is the best vid ever!!! the best!!!!! WINNING! you just totally made my day… and i have a serious wine hangover, so that’s not easy to do.

  3. ha! Sandy, thanks, I did consider acting, but went the hosting route because I didn’t want to starve, I was never skinny enough for acting, no too old.

  4. Daphne: the 8th wonder of the world: this has to have a million views.

    WHy doesn’t it??

    You are so funny.

    I laughed out loud so many times.

    “Epic parenting! Epic!”

    Daphne, you are so very funny, There should be a new word invented for how funny you are.

  5. this is without a DOUBT THE MOST HILARIOUS THING YOU HAVE EVER DONE!!! and i have seen a lot of hilarity from you.

    I can just see John Stamos trying to take over your franchise!
    fine job by your patient interviewer too…

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