NBA Naps

Yes, I know it’s the NCAA’s right now, but had to put my two cents in on this NBA nap kerfuffle.

Rex is still doing periodic “mommy!” pleas in the middle of the night.  When I’m not strong enough to put a pillow over my head and chant “Ferber, Ferber” as I try to go back to sleep, my next day is shot. He is not easy to get back down. And men, with their hearts, they need to rest the ticker. Also, if someone works overnight they can increase their heart problems. So, if a basketball player played overnight and was woken up by – okay, maybe not a kid, but – a groupie spending the night who wants to get some more action before the break of dawn, yes, they would need a nap.

Do we need to have a march for nappers’ rights?  Is that goofy eyed Wisconsin Governor stopping these as well?

Also, if I ever make you chuckle can you VOTE for me?  I stumbled across this poll/contest/promotional vehicle. It’s about funny mom bloggers.  I will say I have discovered some other funny gals by going down the list.

5 thoughts on “NBA Naps

  1. That’s a nice sacrifice you make for your husband, letting his body recharge instead of enduring the interruptions of the night. It can take a toll! I added my vote at Circle of Moms, and you’re right, there are some really funny moms there.

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