Neighbor’s Trash Cans

Neighbors do matter. If you have some noisy, trashy neighbor who kicks your dog and makes inappropriate comments when you wear shorts in the summer, it’s a major problem. When you live on a block or in a building with strangers who don’t know or care to know who you are, the world feels like a lonely place.

I’m a person who likes to know my neighbors. It helps me feel grounded and connected to a sense of place.  It’s easy to keep to yourself; it’s harder to introduce yourself to a stranger who lives near you. Fortunately, our last move found us on a block with some nice people. People who come to my kids’ birthday parties, people who know when we take a trip and we know when they do. Best of all, one household have become what Mark calls “A-List” friends.

I even phoned them with a breakfast emergency the other morning. “What is it?” my neighbor asked. Not in an annoyed way, but that she knew there was a purpose to the call. “I’m out of oatmeal.” I go through breakfast streaks, and right now it’s oatmeal with fresh and/or dried fruit and nuts. So, I thought I would have the DT’s if I didn’t get me some oatmeal. She met me in the street with a Ziploc of oats. A friend in need…

But that is not the kind of neighbor that inspired this vid. Some neighbor etiquette needs to be observed. Some aren’t parking their car on their lawn, yet, annoying nonetheless.

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7 thoughts on “Neighbor’s Trash Cans

  1. Nice! I thought I recognized that door as your own. Maybe you should leave a blog advertisement in his mailbox…he’d probably find it funny to be featured here in such a clever way. And you might even get a vote out of him.

  2. Oh!

    The way Rex grabbed your face was too much for me tonight.

    How I wish I were in your shoes right now.

    Such a mother and son you are.

    You’re up to 76 votes at circle of moms and I nominated you to BlogHer for Women Who Bring the Funny/Owning Your Funny.

    I’ll let you know if I hear anything!!

  3. Be glad you don’t live an a neighborhood that doesn’t have an HOA because EVERYDAY is trash day in our neighborhood. Everyone uses a different trash company so every single bleeping morning before the sun comes up we wake up to the sound of trash trucks and there are always trashcans on the street.

  4. that is so odd. We don’t have an HOA, but everyone use the LA city service. It’s about $65 every two months. I bless the garbage people..and whoever made sewers.

    That sounds rough

    you are so sweet. I don’t know about this, thank you you are the best. Yes, my favorite is when he will sleep on my chest. Savoring it!

  5. Ok, couldn’t sleep last night and checked out the circle of mom entries, OH MY GOD, You are SO the best, you’re like QUEEN of the circle of moms, I voted but most of the ones with a thousand votes or so aren’t even funny. Loving the fuchsia pink.

  6. …I aways wondered if any of my neighbors were upset about my trash cans sometimes being left out for an extra day. It drives me crazy too.
    I live next door to a family with a very special needs child. He is 6 years old, but has the capacity of a 2-3 year old. He does not sleep very well- it is part of his disorder. Since I share a driveway with my neighbors, and his bedroom faces the driveway, I am very sensitive to the noise that I make wheeling those trash cans in the driveway. I have a VERY small window of time where I can take out /bring in my trash cans to comply with their needs. Not before 7am, not after 7pm not between noon and 4pm when he might be trying to nap. It’s a pain…but it is what you do when you want to be a good neighbor.
    In case any of my other neighbors read this, now they know why my trash cans are sometimes still out there : )

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