My first professional job in broadcasting (which means I got paid) was doing the local cutaways — i.e., news for a National Public Radio station.  I had a split shift, so I either had to get up at 4am and be done with work at 10am or go from 2pm to 7pm.  M/W/F I did the am’s, T/TH the afternoons.  Sometimes I had both shifts.  It was exhausting.  But I was very excited for the gig and the opportunity.  I still listen to NPR.  I was once on the Tavis Smiley show — twice actually — and the part of my stand up he liked the most is when I made fun of NPR.  Since NPR got in hot water recently, I thought I would trot some of this material out.

3 thoughts on “NPR

  1. “Wait wait don’t tell me”…that one’s ripe for making fun of. Just saw your PackIt commercial on Nickelodeon, and loved your Dawn bit. Sell it girl!

  2. Oh, Daphne.

    Oh, Daphne.

    I wish you could hear me laughing out loud.

    Why are you not on a show? OR why arent’ you doing commercials? Or why don’t you have SOMETHING b/c you are #ALLCAPSAWESOME.

    You have been making me laugh for close to two years now.

    How did I make it through the winters before without you?


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