Notes from the move

Of course the move week is also when I’m having a RAGING period and Rex has decided to regress, wake up two times a night.

One last hurdle that I haven’t cemented is moving and installing the TV and stereo.  The quote I got was $2,400!  I’m thinking of becoming a luddite to avoid this.  A super sweet cameraman who shot my “I could have been a viral” says he will do it for nothing.  I tell him we would buy he and his wife dinner at Campanile and he is happy with that.  It’s terrible when kind, generous people seem odd.  But, even if he had alterior motives I think my husband would serve me up like a roast lamb if it saved him $2,400.  And who wouldn’t be tempted by a moving, menstrual mother of 2?  I’m irresistible.

Vivien is back to school today and she was not happy.  I wasn’t either.  I liked having her with me more.  Also, zero tantrums.  Clearly they are all related to be exhausted.  The school day is too long for 5 year olds. She has been excited about the new house.  But, penny dropped this morning that we are leaving our home of 2 years and she was sad.  She said she would miss her neighbor.

Me: ” I know transitions are hard.” then I wonder if she knows what that word means.

Oh, just had to stop writing.  Rex yelled “poo-poo” and kindly took off his shorts and diaper spreading it all over his body as he smiled in the dining room.

Wrote ANOTHER check.  This time for termite tenting at new house.  Moving costs do pile up.

Last night at dinner when we went around the dinner table saying what are favorite part of the day was (our ritual) Oliver said “seeing the new floors”.  We have replaced the damaged and old floors at the new house the oak flooring does look good.  Have to pay the other half of that!

okay, last few days a blur of packing and moving.  I really smell.  I was right in there with the movers.  I’m macho, yes, but was hoping to move it along and save money.

In an empty house.  Left one TV and want to watch the Royal wedding in the am.  Something has gone wrong.  TV not working.  Something became unplugged.  I don’t know.  Losing my grip on reality and can’t stand the smell or the look of me.  Me and the kids are headed to my mom’s.

Royal Wedding

Dear Kate and Wills,

I am so sorry I am not going to be able to cross the pond to celebrate your special day. I had been shopping for the right hat and eye job, but then Mark (my commoner husband) reminded me that the movers are coming the day before, and your actual wedding day is the day the second wave of movers come with the stuff from our two storage lockers, rooms… not sure what they are called. What do you call them, Wills? Three-bedroom homes? Anyway, I have forgotten what most of my possessions look like so I thought I should greet them. Also, Rex is not up for plane travel at all and it would cost a lot in babysitting if I went without the kids. Oh, how I do run on!

Look, I think you two make a really lovely couple. Kate, you are perfect looking and will do so much for brunettes. Maybe if you had been around when I was younger I wouldn’t have been as horrified in my blonde-to-brown teen years. Though, even in my teen years I never had such a rocking little bod as you do.

Wills, you know how much I have cared for you and admire the man you have become. I know your mother is so proud of you and is looking down at you with a big smile. She would like you both to be a tad less chummy with Camilla though. Yes, sure, be polite, but give Diana a wink every now and then that lets her know you are really just humoring the home-wrecker.

I cried my eyes out when HRH Diana was taken so young. I hope you know, Wills, that we all — three billion of us — were giving a big hug to you and Harry from afar.

I do hope the day is what you want it to be.

I do hope you two have as charmed life as any attractive, healthy, rich people can have. Why not? Be happy!

I do hope your day is not marred too much by my absence.

Oh, where are you registered?

xo Daphne

What I Do For Love

The love of a parent is profound. Our desire to make our kids smile is intense. The littlest things our kids do is like the moon landing. All these things collide in the mundane, daily routine of my life. The phases my son goes through are so short (except for that screaming in the middle of the night; that trend is hanging on longer than skinny jeans at a mall) that I’m happy to indulge them.  I’m exhausted and wearing crap clothes most of the time anyway, so why not?

Moving, yes, again

This is the third time in the three years of doing cool mom that I tell you about my move.  This is much happier than the last move though.  We have been looking for a long time.  I have spent many, many nights after the kids are asleep surfing the real estate sites.  It’s in a different area (cheaper) than were we live now, but still close enough to Campanile and Vivien’s best friend.  That was important.

We, like many of you, are not out of the woods of this deep morass called the Great Recession.  Last week we closed The Point, Mark’s cafe in Culver City.  We had to stop the bleeding.

As always, my little ones are my sunshine.  I am excited for them…and for me too.  I really hope I get to keep this house.

Box-o-mania winner revealed!!

I always use a random number generator to pick the winner for Cool Mom giveaways, even still I find it very hard.  If it was left up to me I would have given it to about 5 of the most dear comments.  Because, I’ve become a convert to the magic of Box-O-Mania.  I feel like I blew money ( but then I had more) on the wooden play house. Rex in particular gets in the “Box” almost every day.  When Vivien has a playdate and he doesn’t feel included, sometimes he goes to the Box.  Sigh, Okay, drum roll

One lucky family is going to get the prize.

I didn’t pick the person, random number.  Happy for the winner, but the rest of you all, and THANKS for playing. Thanks for coming to Cool Mom!!

The winner is…

Megan Gleeson

Congrats Megan. I will give your contact to the Box O Mania rep.

Happy Playing!!

Break Time?

I don’t care who you are or what you do; at some point, everyone wants to step away from their work for ten minutes and get a coffee.  The stay-at-home parent, or as I think of myself presently, the underemployed parent, doesn’t get to do that. My “coffee break,” if I do get one, usually takes the form of a few minutes on the computer to mind surf.  Forget going to the bathroom, they find you there.

Ironically, I shot this bit about this issue at the end of the day when I was so fried I couldn’t remember what my bit was.  More of a true slice of life than most of my vids.


If a Mom Talked Like Gaddafi

You ever have those moments where your parent hammers fall? Your “That’s it, everyone out of the pool!” moment? Sometimes when I do that I can see how easy it would be to be a rough parent who your kids fears. Stretch that further and it’s easy to see how that could happen to a country.  Since it has many times.

What if as a mom I wasn’t just dictator like, but a kooky, self-aggrandizing dictator mom who wore strange clothes.  Hmmm, now who would that resemble?

Momversation: What’s Bugging You?!

What is bugging you these days? That’s the question du jour on Momversation. Since they asked me to lead it off, does this mean I’m no Susie Sunshine?

The many bugs were given pretty equal weight in the editing room for myself, Trisha Haas and Jessica Gottlieb, but truly my longest and most earnest diatribe is reserved for our bipolar country that heavily funds multiple wars and our schools go begging.

How does this serve us as a country to underfund public education? Who wants to live in a community of dumb shits? How will we compete in the world? It’s a prescription to being a second tier power.

Bush put in No Child Left Behind, which I didn’t like to begin with, but then it wasn’t funded. So, it raised standards while not giving schools extra dough to make it work. Meanwhile, he got us into two wars.

Obama was supposed to CHANGE things, but we are still in these wars, upped one and throw in a little Libyan action because the military industrial complex needs to sell more toys. Politicians give mouth service to education, but when the rubber hits the road it’s not there.

I can’t even talk about it because I will never stop. Here is the piece.

Women are bitches, men are checked out

That has been one of the cornerstones of my life philosophy for the last, hmm, 10, 12 years.  Can’t remember when that penny dropped, but had it not I don’t know that I ever could have gotten married.  Knowing this helped me prep for marriage and not be as hard on my husband as I might have otherwise been.  Even when he screws up and makes me crazy, I KNOW, they are ALL like that.

So, I did a video not that long ago called “raising boys”.  It’s starting point was an essay written by a dad blogger, Thomas Matlack.  Thomas got in touch with me afterward and we had a good phone discussion about being parts of blended families and other aspects of our domestic life.  I really like his blog and his writing and he suggested we do a he said/ she said thing on his site.  I brought up this “bitches/ checked out” thing and he liked it so this is our first foray.

Here is the link to the result of it.  Love to know your thoughts.  I hope we do more of them.