Yes, I Still Wear Maternity Clothes

I have issues here, people. I need you to work them out! Am I clever or a crazy lady? Perhaps a bit of both. How long did you wear your maternity clothes?

I would write more, but my brain is meatballs. Was awoken four times last night: once by Rex at 1:30am (“You come here now, mommy!”) and three times by Vivien. She wanted to sleep in her pop-up castle.  Rex’s screams awakened her to the fact that she was darn uncomfortable.  I put her in her bed (well, Oliver’s bed, but hers when he is gone, sigh).  Then she woke me up pissed that I had taken her out of her castle.  I put her back. Then she came back because she couldn’t sleep. I don’t quite remember it, but then she ended up sandwiched between me and MP.  At 6am, when Rex started screaming again, I told the man who impregnated me to get up. That bought me about 25 minutes. Then Rex hurled books at me (see “reads”).

But, back to the issue at hand, just because Fashion Team was canceled is that any excuse for me to cling to my old clothes?

5 thoughts on “Yes, I Still Wear Maternity Clothes

  1. I think you can keep on keepin on until the PG stuff goes off the racks.

    All the regular clothes look like maternity clothes to me.

    I buy maternity b/c it’s cute…and it looks no different than the regular stuff.

    Plus, you have great legs, so with the leggings: yeah. You can pull it off.

  2. I’ve never had such nice maternity tops…I usually just hunt down whatever’s on sale at Old Navy. Though I enjoy the elastic and expanded waistbands post-baby until I can stuff myself back into my real pants.

  3. seriously. i’m about to watch the vid, but i have to comment on the multiple night wakings. we don’t have newborns anymore!!! (mine are 3 1/2 and almost 2) wtf?!?!?!? i’m constantly baffled. i thought it was “over” after the newborn phase, but no… i don’t know if we will ever sleep again! :)

  4. okay just watched. my sister is due with her first in july and i packed up some maternity clothes to send to her. then the other day i realized that one of my favorite shirts said “old navy maternity” on the inside. WHAT? it’s maternity?!? wow. okay. it was really cute! 😉

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