Moving, yes, again

This is the third time in the three years of doing cool mom that I tell you about my move.  This is much happier than the last move though.  We have been looking for a long time.  I have spent many, many nights after the kids are asleep surfing the real estate sites.  It’s in a different area (cheaper) than were we live now, but still close enough to Campanile and Vivien’s best friend.  That was important.

We, like many of you, are not out of the woods of this deep morass called the Great Recession.  Last week we closed The Point, Mark’s cafe in Culver City.  We had to stop the bleeding.

As always, my little ones are my sunshine.  I am excited for them…and for me too.  I really hope I get to keep this house.

10 thoughts on “Moving, yes, again

  1. So happy for your family! I’m with Jenny, if I was closer, I’d love to help. I’m one of those crazy people that’s really good at helping other people w/ their messes (but can’t seem to get a handle on my own)
    We too, are not out of the woods financially, but like you I feel so incredibly blessed to have a great family and friends!
    Good luck w/ your move, can’t wait to see your new place!

  2. Congrats Daphne & Family! Best wishes on the move, I hate moving, but once you get in the new place – that’s the fun part.


  3. get a master note book….label all boxes (on all four sides of the box) with a number….and then in the master note book put the box # and what is in the box……..makes for finding things so easy…..
    and you can also put on the boxes…the room the box should go in…….you will end up with boxes in the right rooms and that make for easy unpacking…..
    and ….OMG….don’t let the note book out of your site…..

  4. good idea. I do have a notebook, but need Kristie to help organize it. Thank you all so much for your kind words and support over the last couple of years it has REALLY meant a lot.

    I wish everything would get better!

  5. On the notebook front, use evernote. You can digitize everything (including taking pics of your box contents), and its all text searchable. Its my lifeline. Best of luck Miss Daphne! Iits nice to hear you excited about your house again…

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