Notes from the move

Of course the move week is also when I’m having a RAGING period and Rex has decided to regress, wake up two times a night.

One last hurdle that I haven’t cemented is moving and installing the TV and stereo.  The quote I got was $2,400!  I’m thinking of becoming a luddite to avoid this.  A super sweet cameraman who shot my “I could have been a viral” says he will do it for nothing.  I tell him we would buy he and his wife dinner at Campanile and he is happy with that.  It’s terrible when kind, generous people seem odd.  But, even if he had alterior motives I think my husband would serve me up like a roast lamb if it saved him $2,400.  And who wouldn’t be tempted by a moving, menstrual mother of 2?  I’m irresistible.

Vivien is back to school today and she was not happy.  I wasn’t either.  I liked having her with me more.  Also, zero tantrums.  Clearly they are all related to be exhausted.  The school day is too long for 5 year olds. She has been excited about the new house.  But, penny dropped this morning that we are leaving our home of 2 years and she was sad.  She said she would miss her neighbor.

Me: ” I know transitions are hard.” then I wonder if she knows what that word means.

Oh, just had to stop writing.  Rex yelled “poo-poo” and kindly took off his shorts and diaper spreading it all over his body as he smiled in the dining room.

Wrote ANOTHER check.  This time for termite tenting at new house.  Moving costs do pile up.

Last night at dinner when we went around the dinner table saying what are favorite part of the day was (our ritual) Oliver said “seeing the new floors”.  We have replaced the damaged and old floors at the new house the oak flooring does look good.  Have to pay the other half of that!

okay, last few days a blur of packing and moving.  I really smell.  I was right in there with the movers.  I’m macho, yes, but was hoping to move it along and save money.

In an empty house.  Left one TV and want to watch the Royal wedding in the am.  Something has gone wrong.  TV not working.  Something became unplugged.  I don’t know.  Losing my grip on reality and can’t stand the smell or the look of me.  Me and the kids are headed to my mom’s.

3 thoughts on “Notes from the move

  1. I loathe the raging period. I can well relate. I was in a nasty car accident about a month ago and 2 days later -raging period. Last week I sprained my ankle and 2 days later -raging period. I can well relate to what you are going through.

    What I want to pass along the best remedy for a raging period. Its Yogi Moon Cycle Tea. I went from 2 Alleve and 6 Ibuprofen in one day to 2 ibuprofen and 2-3 cups of tea. You can find it in the organic aisle in some grocers or health food stores. Its also online and at 5.00 a box, it is WAY worth the investment. I have given this tea to many people and the worst review I heard was “it helped a little”.

    You can drink it hot or cold. I usually make it hot and put a little honey in the cup before I add the water and tea bag. I dont want to sound like an ad, but seriously this stuff is AMAZING, and when something is this good for something that is as bad as Aunt Flo, you have to pass it on, right?

  2. No raging period stories here, sorry. Tell the Coulda Been Viral cameraman that he did a great job. I’m always impressed by the angles your different people take, he captured you awesomely. Definitely can see the creative bent to each person’s art. I love you media people!

    I like having my kids with me better too. We had a great 5 day weekend, which included the Monday and Tuesday after easter. So that gave us a three day schoolweek, which I LOVE. Made lots of family memories during that time.

    If Viven didn’t know what “transitions” meant before, she likely understands through the tone of emotion in your voice. My kids amaze me by what they intuitively figured out through my well-studied reactions to things. It’s fun to be known so well.

    Congratulations on your brand new floors! How fun!

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