Trash Trucks

As parents, we indulge our kids’ interest … which is how you can end up standing up in public, next to a large gang-looking guy with many tattoos as you both belt out, “I’m the map, I’m the map.”

Recently I catered to Vivien’s delight with the Imagination Movers concert. But on a weekly basis I try to get Rex what he wants. It doesn’t cost a thing, I get some exercise and I think we make some city workers feel mighty special.

6 thoughts on “Trash Trucks

  1. What a good mom! We lucked out here in Canada this winter with the trash truck getting stuck right outside our window. He had to shovel and throw down sand for about half an hour before he could get out. Sad that it was the highlight of our day. Kids teach us to enjoy the little things!

  2. That’s just like at our house! My 5 year old son just loves the trash trucks too. Unfortunately they recently changed our pick up day and time — now the trash and recycle trucks come at 6:45 in the morning when (thankfully!) we’re all still asleep. The yard waste truck comes later but alas, often while my son is at school. I’ve taken some videos for him too, but I think that makes the drivers a little, how should I say? — “uncomfortable”. I also have an encyclopedic knowledge of all the local construction sites and train schedules as we frequently drive by to see all the backhoes, bulldozers, excavators, loaders, cranes, cement trucks, bobcats, CalTrains and freight trains. Oh what we do for our children!

  3. My 2 ½ year old son is also obsessed with garbage trucks. We found an old show called Mighty Machines on Netflix Streaming and you better believe he wants to watch the garbage truck episode 4,312 times a day. It’s getting old, but It makes him so happy.

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