Beat Poet: Sheep in a Jeep

When you read a book enough times you can move past boredom to appreciation.  I am clearly not alone as I found another grown woman online with her own version. I found reading the rhythmic “Sheep in a Jeep” to Vivien and now Rex to be pleasant and quick.  It was a book that never overstayed its welcome and it is pretty clever.  I heard a different sound in it.  In another time and coffeehouse maybe it could have been presented as a beat poem.

It’s not Howl, but please come into my scene and dig it.

13 thoughts on “Beat Poet: Sheep in a Jeep

  1. Daphne:

    Do you know that you’re crazy?

    I wonder were you such a little dickens growing up, too?

    Ask your mom, if you were always performing.

    You are so much fun.

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