Botox Girl

On Cool Mom when I try to be timely it doesn’t always work out. If I shoot a homemade, I can upload it quicker. But last week was my monthly gang shoot (not the “Colors” variety, but when I shoot a bunch of vids with a camera man). It was the day the Botox momma was on “Good Morning America”.  Well, since Child Protective Services took her kid away from her, she is saying she made the whole thing up.

Either way she is a real gem of a role model for her kid. Not as good a model as Arnold, oops, more info on that now, okay, take his father of the decade award away. Reportedly he is vacationing with John Edwards.

Do successful men not use condoms?

PS What’s the point of baby pageants anyway?  It’s always chubby moms that push their kids to that.

3 thoughts on “Botox Girl

  1. That is interesting it was a mom in SF and good for challenging stereotypes! Also good to know there are doctors up here that will do that kind of thing. My 3 year old has been looking a little weathered…

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