The Move 3.0

Since starting this experiment/masterpiece cool mom, I have moved three times. In three years. The boxes, the emotions, blah blah… The truth is I was FAR less emotional than previous moves. My skin is thick. This is also a very hopeful move. We moved into more of a shoulder area than where we owned before, further south from where we rented. I used to walk to cafes; now I can walk to auto body stores, but whatever. I’m so thrilled to have a second chance at home ownership, and I am really hoping we don’t have to leave this house for many years to come. But who knows?  In the meantime, I have really enjoyed fixing the place up for me and my family. Later, I will show you some of my DIY jobs.

I think this vid — like a lot the next week — will fall more into the “slice of life” category than big knee slappers. It’s the mood I’m in as I settle and nest, and being so flipping tired is short circuiting my brain (Rex’s 5am wake ups continue).

So grateful for what I have and for you all visiting the site.

4 thoughts on “The Move 3.0

  1. Moving is good and bad the good stuff is that you moving to a new home and place and change is good for you. The bad part is the packing and unpacking and adjusting to your daily stuff .

    Anyway all the best I have moved many and no regrets.


  2. Hi Daphne –

    Congrats on this move – I am preparing for my first move since 2001 when we moved from Irvine, CA to Cleveland. Now we’re off to Chicago, 3 kids later (a 5 yr old and 22 mo old twins). Not sure how I’m going to pull this off, but glad to hear it can be done! Shots of vodka may be involved at some point.

    I wish you well in your new place – sounds emotional for you in many ways. We plan to rent initially in Chicago until we figure out exactly where we want to live and then, hopefully, own. It’s such a topsy-turvey market/economy still. Cheers!

    Jessica Malloy

  3. good luck. I think it’s good to rent and get the lay of the land. just know that lots of stuff will stay in boxes for a while. It’s such a mix when you unpack them years later. Lots of things I didn’t miss and then I find something dear of my dad’s and it’s like a hidden treasure.
    Mark is suppose to do a food event in cleveland in June. wonder if you will still be there.
    make lots of lists.

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