This move, I was pretty darn organized. But, being only human, something fell through the cracks.  I should have called my internet provider earlier. Apparently when you have a near monopoly on a business you need a long lead time to service the masses. It was nearly two weeks without internet.

Would being netless drive me witless?

7 thoughts on “Netless

  1. Very funny. And a whole new neighborhood to confuse while you tape Cool Mom episodes outside…who IS that wacky woman with cameras hovering about her as she talks to herself. And what’s with all the crazy costumes?

  2. i think i would go completely bonkers if i were without the net for two weeks…. if i were at home, at least. drop me on a sunny beach for 2wks and i wouldn’t care at all! 🙂

  3. Jessica,
    too funny! exactly what I thought. I know our baby sitter is very confused when i ask her to come because I have to “work” and I am taped next to a garbage can.
    wendy, if on vacay who cares.
    both my parents have great legs so it’s just my lucky body part. thanks

  4. Too funny! You had me giggling during nap time. I had a similar experience just last week – broken router. I’m so used to roaming the house with the laptop that I was devastated that I had to go all the way down to the spider-webby unfinished basement to boot up the “real” computer. It was almost too much to bear. 😉

  5. HI Daph!!
    I love your site, your videos and I often have my 7 yr old join me in watching them. Glad to see life is wonderful for you. Keep up the awesome work and be proud of your amazing accomplishments, from, Oprah, to.. …
    you rock!

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