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In a surprise to no one Rep. Anthony Weiner admits he did send twitters to ladies-not his wife– of his bulging sack.  What a shame.  His poor wife and bummer for liberals like myself who use to enjoy his aggressive stance against Republican policies.  An articulate guy I thought a few times, “that guy has balls.”  So much so he wanted to share pictures of them.
Having spent years dating prior to marriage I can recall guys I was flirting with or dating saying things on the phone along the lines of “you are making me so hard.”  Even when I liked the guy I always did an eye roll because that never got me hot, it’s gets them hot. “Feel how much you are making me crazy” as they put your hands on their pants, sure nice if I am super into them, but if not GROSS.  I feel like I humored a lot of those kind of lines so just not to embarass them.  While would have really made me hot was

1) that they thought I was beautiful, funny and intelligent
2) being a funny, intelligent, accomplished smarty pants
3) they would buy me a house.
So, Congressman who might be mayor of NYC more attractive than goofball who takes pictures of himself on the couch with cats and calls them “pussys”.

Does it rise to the level of crime? No, just lame.

How sad that this successful men still don’t get that EVERYONE is watching and yes, tweets and love children all get found out these days.

To paraphrase a famous quote, “I gave my enemy a sword…in my pants.”

9 thoughts on “scandal pants

  1. I had the same reaction as you, I think. “Dangit. He gave some good speeches, had some good ideas. Now he’s just one more politician that did something stupid and lied about it. Because we need another one of those.”

    Honestly, I hope we don’t get a parade of women he was in contact with, a la Tiger Woods.

  2. I partly sympathize with the dude, Twitter can seem like an alternate, disconnected universe…and his ego got too big. I feel his shame as he’s forced to account for his errs in judgment, but I hate that he’s going to be cast out by the angry and disappointed masses. And he is, and we’ll be hearing from all six “mistresses”, and maybe one will get her own reality show. Or he will.

  3. Yup. Why is it that the never think to compliment us on our brains or witty conversation. And for those who have raised the question of whether women would do the same thing if their were powerful elected officials, I can only say — we’ve got way too much stuff on our plate for that nonsense. 😉

  4. I think that is true. Sure, there is the stalker girl who can’t take no for an answer, but I think after 30 that goes away. Thanks for coming here! I am a big pundit mom fan.

    Yes, I hear the crazy disconnected universe thing. It does seem dumb, but I have done many a dumb thing myself. Think this is why one should sleep around a lot BEFORE marriage and running for office.

  5. Daphne!
    I hope you read this comment because I’m dying to know where your royal blue blouse came from! You have it on in a few videos, like battery one. Love it!

  6. yes! I bought that at a little boutique on Beverly in LA when I was first pregnant with Rex. Sadly, it just got a rip in it, not on the seam line and pretty bad so I had to put it too sleep. I loved the color as well.

  7. Can I get away with saying I find you beautiful, funny, and intelligent – and at the same time be believable in saying that I’m not trying to make you hot? 😉
    Actually, I find you lovely, feminine, and motherly – a combination I am powerless not to adore. (This, in addition to intelligent and funny.) I have two friends who remind me so much of you, and you them. Time with either of them is an absolute delight. The same is true with your vlogs. They never fail to bring the same kind of grateful smile for such a marvelous spirit that I get on the odd occasions when I get to visit with those terrific ladies.
    I hope all is well with you and your family.

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