School Meetings: If You Could Speak the Truth

If you jumped up during a school, PTA, or school committee meeting and said what was really on your mind, what would you say?

Imagine I am there in one of those meetings where the admins make their presentation and some parent leaders talk about something they are involved with. That is where this vid begins.

Then tell me what you would like to say… if their were no repercussions or dirty looks at drop-off to worry about.

4 thoughts on “School Meetings: If You Could Speak the Truth

  1. And don’t forget to tell those lazy sons-of-bitches that their kids are riding on your waves man. Tell them to go to freakn’ Oxnard and get their own freakin’ waves. Either quit bogarting your volunteer waves of step up and volunteer m-fers. (I’m so brave here at my little computer).

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