Yes, I am semi-obsessed with HGTV and DIY. Yes, nothing makes me glow like a before-and-after. I wish I could be on Landscapers’ Challenge But, since that doesn’t seem to be happening, I thought I would share a few modest fixes I did on my new home.

It’s not like the “color splash” guy, but I don’t like his aesthetic anyway.

4 thoughts on “My DIY

  1. Very nice! I wish I were a DIY kind of person when it came to home decor. Our home looks so plain. Most of the projects I undertake go unfinished because they weren’t turning out the way I’d hoped. So I think I’ll stick with decorating with stuff from Hobby Lobby.

  2. Absolutely LOVE these projects! I’m so inspired by how you took pieces that didn’t belong in your home and made them fit perfectly. Especially the his and hers knobs in your kids’ bathroom – so freaking cute, and such a nice touch!

  3. Oh, sorry, I just assumed they were everywhere. Hobby Lobby is a store that sells home decor. They mostly have materials so that you can DIY, but they also sell a lot of finished things that you can just hang on your wall (or put in your yard, or whatever the case may be). Picture Wal-Mart, only almost completely for home decor.

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