Momversation: Are We Raising a Nation of Dumbasses?

I can say it because I’m not that bright myself but bright enough to know that the lack of emphasis on funding education is going to drive this country in the ground. The global economy, the recession, these aren’t going to make it easier for Americans to get ahead.

So, here is a good idea, how about every year we spend less on education? How about we leave super large school systems like LAUSD as big honking behemoths. Yes, those are great ideas.

For this Momversation, I climbed on my soap box.

Let’s start the million mom march!!!

Woo-hoo!  Book the hotel room. DC, here we come!

7 thoughts on “Momversation: Are We Raising a Nation of Dumbasses?

  1. Money sure does pour into wars, and education gets barely a trickle. I don’t get it either…we could be so much stronger as a nation if we rebalanced those priorities.

  2. I am a fan of the idea of taking away the ridiculous pensions of Congressmen and women. Let’s put that money into education. I am all aboard giving our vets a pension – they lay down their life to make mine safe. I dont see folks like Pelosi and Weiner doing that.

    Also on the subject of reform in America, how about we stop shipping jobs oversees, give the jobs back to Americans. This would put more money in the tax system and there could be a bigger bankroll for education.

    I am a full-time student, I earned my AAS in the legal field because I was told that it was a growing market and I could make X amount of dollars coming out of school. I graduated in 2009 and no one was hiring. I wound up taking a worthless part-time job with no benefits just to survive. I was told that I needed a BA before I could be hired to do what I earned my AAS to do.

    I paid for my first degree with zero assistance from the government. The money was not there for me as I was ineligible. The first time I applied my father was on disability and my mom made less than 40,000 a year to support 2 kids in college. The second time I applied I was “independent” and had paid for nearly all my school myself by working full-time. I was denied because I had taken too many courses to qualify.

    For my BA I am getting some money, but even after loans I still have less than 1300 a semester to live on, and that is before I buy my books. My honors scholarship was three times what my federal aid was last semester.

    Don’t get me wrong I dont want to compromise the state of America’s security for my education, however, I think that if we took away Congressional pensions we would be a whole lot better off. Just one year of Weiner’s pension would pay the remainder of my BA degree, plus the loans from last year and give me enough left over to buy a decent car to get me through grad school. I can only imagine where Blagojevich’s pension would take me.

  3. Honestly, I think we need to take money away from both. Our government just spends way too much money in general, having its hands in way too many things. I’m all for better education, but putting more money into the system doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a better system. I’m not saying I have the answer, but I don’t think taking money from defense and putting it in education is the answer.

  4. that’s true.. to an extent. Bill Gates is the one financing most of the work on what works in education. because your right it’s not just money. However, having grown up in beat up LA schools it’s hard not see where a smaller class size, happier teachers, toilets that don’t have chips out of them, etc wouldn’t make for a better school. I think it’s a true mindset the nation needs to be in. I hear Dem’s play lip service to it and Repubs just want to protect the wealthy.
    It is heartbreaking to sacrifice and go to school and not get the job you probably would have a couple of years ago. Those are sweet pensions, but I would have saved the money prosecuting Blago hair… seems a waste of resources.

  5. Education has become a joke here in the United States. Students and teachers are no longer held accountable for their actions and failures. Students get promoted without knowing what they should know, teachers aren’t held accountable for failure rates, nor are they empowered to control their classrooms and adequately deal with the students who disrupt classes and terrorize other students.

    The education system is very overfunded at both the federal and state levels, there is vast overspending constructing designer schools, and the teacher’s unions are gobbling up money hand over fist – and using it to fund non education related initiatives and political contributions. School systems need to be run like a business, they have a budget and a goal to accomplish, and failure should not be rewarded.

    All of these things contribute to decline in educational standards and continue to degrade the quality of students graduated. The education system needs to be redesigned from the ground up and all of the waste needs to be eliminated immediately. Parents also need to be involved with the process, both academically and organizationally. We need to analyze the activities at our schools and promote what works and get rid of what doesn’t. We need to make sure our kids are performing to academic standards.

    Throwing money at the problem is only making it worse and inducing non-accountability in the administration of our schools. Dig into what a school system spends it’s money on I am sure you will see numerous red flags and waste. Dig into the performance of your school administrators as well, you will see a lot of the wrong people in high positions who are contributing to the decline in American education.

    Don’t have blind faith in the system, get involved and start looking under the rocks and in the cracks. Bring the problems to the attention of the people who can change the system at the local, state and federal levels. Only by acting and making the right people believe you mean business can our education system improve.

  6. I haven’t seen the chipped toilets and underfunded classrooms that Daphne’s talking about. We have a great educational system in our town, the surrounding culture supports raising great children. From here, it always appears the parents need to compensate for all those “failures” Mike speaks of and blames on the teachers.

    Having homeschooled for many years and then entering them into the PS system, I’m impressed to the moon by how the teaching is done, the standards that are upheld, the innovations that are everflowing into the classroom (so much computer knowledge), the love of reading that is enforced both in and out of school. They couldn’t do a better job with the resources available to them than they already do.

    Also, the number of disruptive kids that they must assign professionals to handle…the ones who are likely bringing down the performance scores…anyway. I’m with Daphne, I think all the extra money ought to go to aesthetics. You know, beautiful schools grow beautiful people. More gardens!

  7. “They couldn’t do a better job with the resources available to them than they already do.” It’s true – but many teachers lack MANY resources. Luckily now there is is a nonprofit site where parents, teachers, and communities easily unite to provide the classroom resources our children need.

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