What It’s Like to Move

Everyone asks me, “do you love your new house?” Yes, of course, so much fun. Great to nail pictures in the wall, unpack things that were in storage. Great to have a house big enough that no one sleeps in the kitchen. Great to have a yard the kids can explore. It goes on and on… but there is more…

8 thoughts on “What It’s Like to Move

  1. Just wanted to say that i was having one of those horrid days and a friend showed me your site and i have had a smile on my face since thanks for brightening my day….
    and i totally agree after moving around heaps as a kid now doing it as an adult sucks even more

  2. Loved your video! Been there, done that….for MYSELF and for my clients. Great opportunity to shed the clutter, very liberating. I posted your video on my facebook page. I would love you to visit my web site and read my weekly blogs and the diary of my personal move. OMG!

  3. well i am happy i could do that for you….. i should have mentioned i am in australia so there is a bit of a time difference lol

  4. Moving is such a headache! We’re finally pretty much settled into the house we’re in now (after two years), and we’re thinking about moving again to start a business. But at least this time we wouldn’t be moving out of state, just within town…but after watching your video, the hassle of moving is coming back fresh to my mind. Do I really want to do this???

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