Recessionista: Hair

This is the first in an occasional series here on cool mom. What is a recessionista? It’s thrown about a lot these days. I think it’s a person who is still trying to be as stylish and joyful as they were when they were fully employed, their house wasn’t underwater and they thought they had a retirement fund.

Now, sometimes, my “take aways” don’t work. But, oh, well, laughs are free.

Let me know your recessionista tip and I will try to work them into another vid.

13 thoughts on “Recessionista: Hair

  1. Daphne! I have the EXACT same hair as you do! Get a really good hair straightener, it eliminates frizz and you can style it so it’s not dead straight. Seriously, they are really great.

  2. Ok how about- re gift giving PLUS the wrapping paper. (My mother still does that.. oh and she steals sugar from coffee shops which end up all over the house, though she claims she needs them!)

    Oh.MY.GOSH. That’s hysterical!!!
    I do love my hot rollers. YOU MUST HAVE THE one that does automatic shut off.. There’s too many times I’ve been on my way to work and suffered a panic attack that my house was burning down because I left the curling iron on.

    Tame frizz with two words: Coconut Oil. Just a little.. or else you’ll look sickly and greasy..

    Umm.. Oh! and Get those steam mister things for the dryer so you don’t have to iron.. they do work. I think they’re in the harriet carter catalog.

    Lakeside Collection is the best catalog for Christmas gifts. Yep. I’m starting now.

  4. coconut oil, hmm, been liking the argan oil..when i remember to use it and and and.. just too many steps.
    that’s why it’s nice when you can THROW money at the problem. if not you just have “wing” it…as I clearly do.

  5. I’ve heard about and laughed at people like you, getting a weekly blow out because you can. Okay fine, I’m jealous! If you get tired of hot rollers, try Wen. It’s amazing!

    How do I save money during this recession, hmm. This could be a whole series indeed. Well, I try to plan ahead for some holidays, like buying off the clearance rack for the following year. Have a couple stocking stuffers and even some cute Easter eggs and toys for next year.

    I use the kids eat free at Applebees fairly frequently, and the 99 cent waffle cones at TCBY are so worth the trip over there. Mint chocolate chip, baby!

  6. Oh, Rexy, my Rexy.

    Slamming that door like he should when someone with wings like that comes at him.

    I now have to do my own nails: on hands and feet and it looks like Helen Keller took a crayon to them.

    Pretty, pretty , preeeeeeeeeeeeeeety bad.

  7. oh yeah, I hear you. I still do the monthly ( yikes) pedicure, but rarely gloss the hands. what’s the point?

    I wish I could get a blow out every week. I clearly need them

  8. Here’s a recession tip. I HAVE to have a night out with the girls once a week to maintain sanity with two in diapers. So when my husband is out of town and I just can’t swing the $ for a sitter, I set up cocktails and apps on the porch or with my neighbor in her backyard. It feels like you’re away, but the monitor and cheaper drinks are easy on the budget.

  9. Ditto on the nails! I’m bringing ‘au naturale’ back. But nothing like a pro pedi. Besides no one should have to look at my toes without…though am going longer in between like you said. ‘Touch ups!’

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