Kid Audition

I feel like I am sharing a dirty secret of mine: Rex has an agent. Hear me out. It’s because of cool mom and segments on Fashion Team where Rex appeared in a few little gigs he was asked to do with me. I plunked the cash right into his 529 or IRA. (By the way, Coogan Law which is supposed to protect child actors only requires that 15% of the gross of the child’s earnings be deposited in his Coogan account. I think it should be more.)

Since Stanley Chais and Madoff decided Rex didn’t get that money for his education, I thought, hey, if the kid can score a few bucks great. All the better while he is so little that he won’t feel like a piece of meat. When I have been on shoots with kids, other kids, they have always been treated very well. Which is why our recent experience auditioning was all the more shocking. It’s also why Vivien wants no part of it.

6 thoughts on “Kid Audition

  1. Which is why Rex is doing perfectly fine starring in his own vlogging series. He’s too young to be treated harshly by strangers, he deserves to feel secure during all his baby moments. That will make him a strong actor in the end, having a good, attentive Mommy at arms length at all times.

    Some kids aren’t ready to play to other people’s expectations until preschool, and they really shouldn’t have to be confused by all the chaotic energy of nonloving people. There will come a time when he’s strong enough in his skin to walk out of those offices with you and say, “what a jerk, right Mommy? It’s not like he’s going to get any less adorable.

    Vivien, I think, would make a wonderful star of your vlog, she seems like she’d be a serious study. We’ll cheer her on, which is also weird, but you know. It’s your family stage. Maybe she could even read a storybook to the audience, to practice.

  2. Oh I love it when you get all smart ass.

    I have missed some posts.

    Will spend some time here now.

    I have you up as my star of the week today, come by.

    And I’ll be at BLoGhER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. You’re a terrible mother, if you really think about it. And you did this to Vivien too? Joking mama. Your son is such a natural talent, you should allow him to blossom in his own home, among the random camera men that enter for filming.

    It’s enough exposure to “the field” at that age. You don’t give your website enough credit. You’re still cutting-edge as far as mombloggers go. And you have this incredible archive of mom-moments as recalled by Daphne.

    He’d do best on your hip as you’re filming another Pack-It style commercial. Or just growing your audience more through better advertising. So, you’re hanging around with Soleil Moon Frye, eh? And you haven’t brought her around Cool Mom to introduce her to your girlz? And random bored dad.

    We’d love to see you two hanging out over here.

  4. Clearly Rex and Vivien are too fine for the tawdry world
    of casting.
    I can see why you take them there it is a
    clever way to save for college.

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