GIVEAWAY: Bikini Thief

Put down the sunscreen, get your flip flops on and fire up the margarita machine! We are doing a swimsuit giveaway! Not one, but two!!  Watch the vid and comment below to win.

The suits are fab and provided by Bikini Thief. My stylist friend Jess Zaino hooked us up. She thought (correctly) that I would love them since they have a vast maternity line. She gave me the red “St. Bart’s” suit last year. So cute and comfy. You don’t have to be pregnant to wear them; maybe just not wanting to display your less than stellar abs poolside.

Happy Summer!

**For official rules, click here.

12 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: Bikini Thief

  1. Am I first to comment? Love your site Daphne and would love to win. I usually wear tankinis but I think either would work for me. But since I never win anything I won’t hold my breath! They are both awesome suits.

  2. Love the medium tankini! My son is about Rex’s age and yeah, the belly has never really gone back to how it use to look. Thanks for doing the giveaway, Daphne!

  3. Oooh, I am in desperate need of a new suit, and the tankini looks perfect! I’m still wearing my maternity suit from last year (and my little one is 9 months old now) because I obvs can’t go back to bikinis with my postpartum belly. Yes, I can still call it postpartum 9 months out….

  4. I’m sorry about your dad.

    I love the tankini. No six-pack abs here- gotta cover the belly. I love the print and colors! What a fun give-away, Thank you!

  5. Love the website…discovered it after watching your pack it commercial. Would love the medium tankini…have a 14 month old and am currently 6 months pregnant would love to take my daughter to the pool without looking like a whale and that suit looks great!

  6. Oh lord, another competition. And look, there ARE elves hiding in the woodwork, not commenting. I’d chose medium, as inspiration to myself to lose this baby weight and return to a respectable sized woman again. No offense.

  7. Just went to shop for a suit today. The sales clerk said, “We have a dressing room, but the light is burned out in it.” I said, “Perfect, I’ll wear my sunglasses, too and maybe I wont burst into tears while trying these on.” Didn’t help. Love the tankini.

  8. oh I hear you!! I don’t know why the light in dressing rooms is so awful! Overhead, bright, I bet skinny girls cry.

    I don’t even try things on half the time. I just take them home and return if I don’t like or when shopping at my new fave–goodwill– throw it over what I’m wearing to get the gist and if it goes south it only cost five bucks anyway.

    excited to see who wins!

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