Winners! Bikini thief winners announced

Hey, you can be a mom and win a swimsuit contest!
They you all for playing!  There was a much better chance of winning the black bikini as most of you wanted the tankini ( do you hear that people who make swimsuits?)
Studies show we are all getting bigger historically, yet most suits made for a 14 year old body.
I digress.
The winner of the cute black bikini is CLAIRE. ( if this isn’t the one you wanted let me know.  since you didnt’ state preference I put you in both drawings.)
The winner of the Tankini is CAROLINE.
CONGRATS! Thanks to everyone for playing.  Winners, please email me your mailing info to Daphne Please leave a comment expressing your delight, “you really like me” Sally Field it up.
Happy summer!

6 thoughts on “Winners! Bikini thief winners announced

  1. Woohooo!!! I just realized I sent you my Canadian (summer) address and you will need my Boston address, hold on one sec and I’ll get it to you.

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