The great cousin sleepover

It’s a curious aspect of life that we often spend more time with friends that live in other cities than those that are 6 miles away.  Case in point I have some friends in NYC that I know I see more than 80% of my friends in LA.  Why?  Because the once or twice a year I’m in NY and call them they drop what they are doing and come a running for a meal and a good chat.
Friends closer.. well, there will always be time, right?  No.

So when Vivien and her cousins said they wanted to sleep out in a tent in our back yard we decided the moms should spend the night too, but in beds.  Once you leave the nest you are rarely sleeping in the same house with your siblings so this was a treat.  I had to ask them what they liked for breakfast.  When I was little Carole like shredded wheat, figured it had changed ( oatmeal and fruit, like me!). Didn’t know that my nephew liked toast in the AM, so bought a loaf as we rarely have bread at home. I knew the sister’s were all coffee junkies.

It was great to cuddle up and watch a movie.  “Wayne’s World” was very popular with my nephew. During the school year it’s seems we don’t allow ourselves these human breaks. Between sports and homework. Think that’s a mistake.

We all said, “it’s like we rented a vacation home”.  It was the best staycation.  Well, maybe not for Cecily who ended up in the tent with the kids till her air mattress slowly deflated and she hiked into the couch in the TV room.

I asked her how was it sleeping the back yard.  Her reply:

“you realize how noisy the world is”.

The Mid Morning Show with Cool Mom: Hail to the Chief!

Oh, yes, when the big guy drops by your house you have to keep him there for more. In my continued attempt to bring my salute (parody) to TV chat shows I am fortunate to have President Obama come and sit on my couch.

You know what?  He is as human as any of us.

Note: this Obama was all improvised and I think really gets the flavor of how the President tries to frame things.

Personalizing the News

So many ways to take this. You can get all Nancy Grace and dole out your contempt to those who transgress, or weep at a story of a dead solider or lost child.

Some stories are too far away to be relatable and some make little logical sense. This morning, a picture of an Afghan solider caused me to think, “Wow, he sure looks like Josh Brolin with a receding hairline.

How do you personalize the news?