Gardening as Therapy

I was giddy and exhausted the first two months in my house by having my yard alone. Never mind getting another chance at home ownership, there is weeding to do.

I take it from this article I’m not the only one who finds gardening helpful. After all, “I think there’s nothing more calming and soothing than the smell of flowers and the earth.” And pounding out one’s aggressions and disappointments.

Happy Summer!

8 thoughts on “Gardening as Therapy

  1. Oh Daphne! We’re moving into our very first house in October, and this video gets me so excited! To do gardening with the kids! Actually, everything about the house makes me excited!

  2. HILARIOUS!! Thank you for the morning laugh!!!

    Love gardening. Love my fragrant stargazer lilies and jasmine.

    I need cute garden statues and a little arbor thing so I can sit in my garden and read. But my 18 month old thinks gardening is fun too. He tries to eat all my flowers and then I get onto him, he just picks up all the dirt and throws it on the patio.

    Good times. Good Times.

  3. well they do say talking to house plants is good for them , and a garden is so much bigger , lots of room for all the emotions to really blossom !

  4. This is a good episode. I’ve never really gardened much.
    I never knew what those tools were for. Love seeing Rex,
    Does Vivien garden?

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