I’m trying to stay on top of all cultural trends…tech-wise at least. Just at Blog Her and met a nice gal who is part of a team that created GLMPS. It’s for iPhones and iPads now, but hopefully one day Droid users like me can use it. It’s a picture that becomes a five second video.

Now, of course, the “kids” are sexting, I’m too old and married for that, but I’m the perfect for demo for fexting. Have you tried it?

6 thoughts on “Fexting

  1. Very witty!
    I’ve been away and unable to check your site.
    What a pleasant husband you have and he texts
    so sweetly and so fast.
    I like your red outfit. Where can I get one like it?

  2. Love it! I already do this with my husband, but it some how are “fights” always turns into a bunch of smiley faces and other funny symbols!lol

  3. HAHAHAH!!!!!!!!! Good ONE!!!
    My friend had this wierd text message relationship with her boyfriend. It was CRAZY!! They never spoke, just texted. When they did FIGHT in person, she was the one saying everything and he would just sit there… on the couch, closing his eyes, waiting for it to be over. So I guess this DID work for them… They are married now.. I don’t know. I believe what comes out of your mouth is better. There are things you can text that you would never dare say. Maybe in the heat of anger, you’d say all the mean stuff.. but at least it’s within the context and there’s no confusion about HOW YOU REALLY FEEL. ..

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