Momversation: Forbidden Tween Shows

I’m featured this week on Momversation ranting and raving about one of my nemesis: shows that amp little kids before their time. The tween Disney — or Disney-like shows. Showing navels, talking back, fame seeking, laugh-tracking adolescents.

The germ of this rant was this article here. I wasn’t crazy. There is a real reason to despise these shows.

3 thoughts on “Momversation: Forbidden Tween Shows

  1. Hmmm.. not sure Daphne. As a child I couldn’t wait to watch Jem and the Holograms and the Mickey Mouse club. All children go through phases of wanting to be rockstars and movie stars. They also go through wanting to be engineers and pro tennis players or play the piano in a lounge or be a radio DJ.. I think at that age it’s really hard to gauge and there are a TON more influences that we need to be mindful of and nazis about…. Let them watch their TV shows.

  2. I don’t think tv shows should raise our kids. It’s just all fun. I think as long as you instill YOUR values on your children, it shouldn’t matter what the tv shows are saying. My children are 7 and 8 and have been watching those shows for a few years now. My son has never once said he wanted to be famous. But his career choice changes every day.

  3. I was just thumbing through some of your other videos and stopped to view the one about Kids Auditions. Isn’t this video a contradiction of that vlog? You don’t want your kids to want to be famous yet you get them an agent and send them on auditions? I mean I have no problem if that is what you want to do with your child, but then don’t flame tv shows that portray kids making it big!!!!

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