Recessionista: Energy Vigilante

Perhaps ‘recessionista’ is outdated. It should be Economic Restructurista! Or, Wealth-stolen-from-middle-classista? Hmm, have to work on it.

Even before the “troubles” I had hippie tendencies. But now it’s even more important. What with the planet melting and fortunes melting as well.

So, here again, I have provided another helpful guide to saving money. It’s not all about comedy. This is serious.

4 thoughts on “Recessionista: Energy Vigilante

  1. Oh, man.


    I can’t believe I hugged you, and sat with you, and was so happy for those 30 mins.

    You are incredible.

    So real, so funny, so lovable.


    HILARIOUS. and when Rexy and Viv hugged?

    Oh, god, you’re killing me.

    I LOVED SEEING YOU, Daphne!! I almost ran into your arms.

    Truly, the highlight of my time at BlogHer.

  2. Your husband is so handsome. I’ve never heard of high energy periods, where they charge more during certain periods of the day. Definitely a good incentive to turn everything off. Of course, it forces you to do the laundry and run the dishwasher in the morning, and then what…RELAX in the afternoon? Never heard of it.

  3. Alas, our fortune has melted away too. Tough being in your 40s, NOT an empty nester, with NO nest egg. You are my recession twin-flame. That would be a real ol’ school flame, no plug-in energy sucking kind for us!

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