Tye Dye Lie

Growing up, my art major mom always had cool art projects for us… well, at least until she started working full time. I wanted to be that kind of mom. “Okay, time for decoupage.” I rarely achieve this, but once in while I do it right. Like the day I said, “Hey, let’s tie dye!”

If only I was a better person.

11 thoughts on “Tye Dye Lie

  1. AWESOME WORK!!! Please post step by step instructions. The last time I did tye dye… WAS THE LAST TIME.
    I would love it if the whole family had cool tye dye shirts … we could find each other easily in the grocery store.. not that we ever lose each other in the grocery store or anything…

  2. When you mentioned putting the shirts in the dryer I thought, “oh No! What happened to the dryer? Will you have miss colored whites forever?” (sad, I know) I personally have “killed” too many appliances lately and feared you joining me, i.e., setting fire to the microwave, still not sure how.

    I loved this video, it not only made me smile and laugh a little but convinced me to give this a try with my kids. The shirts came out great! We should be having a “lazy” outdoor day tomorrow, time to dig out some white shirts!

    Thanks for the inspiration and smiles!

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