Animal Sacrifice

I thought of calling this “kids kill the darnedest things,” but it seemed too provocative. It’s all a big misunderstanding, you know, like Romeo and Juliet. I shouldn’t judge the mind of a child, right? Just go with it.

I think those moments where you have doubts about your kid are good. It balances out all the moments you think they are as charming as newborn kittens andĀ belch diamonds.

P.S. Oh, lordy, almost back to school… 80% not ready.

7 thoughts on “Animal Sacrifice

  1. What, did you sharpen your literary bone while surfing Manhattan? Lovely alliterations. And here, here to children belching diamonds.

    Figuring kids wrong again are you, hanging out with REBECCA’S PREGNANT WITH TWINS, while not having a very grown up brunch at “the restaurant”. You and your wart brain, Daphne!

  2. Just trying to be a poet. You’d said in Tye Dye Lie that Rebecca was hanging out with you, yet there was no footage, She is pregnant with TWINS, I think that’s amazing. And I thought you brunching at Marc’s restaurant with Vivien was an especially cute episode, with potential for more brunch vids.

    And yes, your literary bone is always sharpened. Though sometimes your spelling is distracting.

  3. HILARIOUS!! I had almost the same experience today as I was letting Drew watch a video online. The grabbed the door of the armoire and slammed it against the wall making a lovely mark from the metal handles… I … don’t even have the words…

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