Magazine Perfect Breakfast Nook

HGTV comes to life for me here. Have you ever daydreamed about a room or look you want and then actually got? Well, I did. In the vid I say the wrong state. The lamp came from Rhode Island and the designer is Tracy Glover. Fantastic stuff. Apologies in advance for the quick shot of the lamp.  We should have lingered on it. Check out my favorite house porn Renovation Style... hard to find, best to subscribe.

Happy home day dreaming!

4 thoughts on “Magazine Perfect Breakfast Nook

  1. Love the new nook! You are right that maybe you should have chosen a pattern instead of a solid color on the bench cushion but the yellow is so bright and refreshing! Maybe just throw down a towel or two until they get a little older. Enjoy your new space!!!

  2. I also love that nook. That light fixture is amazing. But what lemons?
    I didn’t see any. So cute that Rex questions what your
    talking about.

  3. yes, I noticed that omission as well. a bit of miscommunication between me and chung ming. I have a painting of lemons over my head on that wall and thought they were in the frame. Alas, they were not.

  4. SOOOO awesome!!!! Love it!! Great job Daphne..
    As a matter of fact, I recently acquired the bedroom I’ve been wanting for a LONG time!! I longed to have a peaceful serene escape. I wanted to feel like I was in a hotel or something. So I asked an interior decorator for help and viola!

    No more hodge podge random furniture. No more looking like a college dorm room.. I’m so happy it looks like a real adult bedroom. Instead of my goofy girl mess that it has been for the last 7 years…….

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