Heels on Wheels

I’ve been tardy about writing about a special junket I took part in.  It happened right around the time we moved so my notes and brain were an unopened box  ( my excuse and sticking to it).
Quick background:  many years ago in SF I reviewed cars for a radio show and a local magazine.  Really enjoyed it.  Through a friend I was introduced to the gal putting on the first ever Heels on Wheels event. Put together by the fab Christine Overstreet.  They were looking for different media of the female persuasion to take part and since I have an interest in cars I was invited.  Women make most of the car buying decisions, but are under represented in automotive journalism. Not to mention  American women have a purchasing power of over $5 trillion and women make 65 to 80 percent of service and maintenance decisions
Also, since I’m always looking for role models for my daughter  here is one:  an engineer from GM was in mix.  I loved hearing a woman talk about designing a car  ( take that Hannah Montana).
It was at the Viceroy Hotel in Palm Springs and it was all gals.  From the hardcore auto journalist and the women reps from the various car companies there seemed to be a palatable relief that there were no dudes in the room.   Simply put:  The women felt like they had more room to talk and that it didn’t feel competitive.  Which is good for me because I was one of the least knowledgable in the room.  I was the voice for mom’s.
“I can’t get a stroller in that trunk”
“Sure would like a mini vacumm in this van”
“When did I start looking so haggared?”
Stuff like that.
Here is a video of me driving the Chevy Cruze Eco.  I was taken under the wing by two lovely gals from Kelly blue Book  (www.kbb.com). They also had a lot of great info about the influence of women buyers and drivers.
Cooper tires hosted a breakfast and let us know about how they are going to start a campaign addressing the importance of safety of tires.  IE:  scaring the bejezus out of nervous mom’s.  It worked, I’m going to check my treads.
Here are some of the cars I drove.
I was a smidge dissapointed in the Mazda 5.  It was okay, but I thought the mini mini van would be the answer to my prayers.  Maybe I like more frills.

Honda civic hybrid…. nice, smooth, but I need a bigger car.
Denali … luxury SUV with a capitol L.  Very nice.
Town and Country by Chrysler
It was a bit of a tease.  I think I’m in love.  It also helped that Kathy, PR marketing gal from Chrysler, drove with me and we got along like a house on fire.  Nice Michigan gal.  If I ever get to do my Cool Mom tv show I hope Kathy will be my Andy Richter.
I’d love a longer ride in that Town and Country and for more girls to grow up to be engineers.

Getting my daughter to eat breakfast, & Blogher ’11 : Sponsored

Busy week.  Shot two days worth of Her Say ( check out at www.hersay.com). Body suddenly racked by grief on Tuesday ( see previous post). Leaving for super speedo getaway with family. Hard to find the time. When you buy a house the travel budget does dwindle. My kids are so excited for their trip. Vivien packed last night unaided.  This morning I found Vivien was ready to go and had put her stuff in my closet to let me know.

Fwd: Ready to go!

The day after we come back I am going to Blogher’11 in San Diego.  First time going.  I’m going in part so I can check out the activities at the Hillshire Farm booth.  I’ve been collaborating with them this month I’m going to interview their spokesperson, “Bridesmaid” star  Wendi McLendon-Covey.  She will be signing autographs and meeting people there.
I also want to check out the food styling workshop they are doing.  This would be of help to food bloggers and to wives of chef’s who try to take pictures of food with little success.  Who could that be? Mark has told me hilarious stories about what makes food look good in pictures, sometimes it’s car oil.  Seriously, yummy food and yummy photography are not the same thing.  Since I’m his wifeager I think I need more knowledge.
So, maybe I will see you there.
Okay, back to yummy food.  Here is a vid Vivien and  I did about how I get her to eat breakfast.  Yes, it is a win-win.
CLICK HERE to watch… in case you missed it.  Did I mention to click here, no not here, the other here.
Go to http://facebook.com/hillshirefarm for all their blogher info.

Yes, I am being paid a kings ransom to write about Hillshire Farms. It’s crazy money, I could have bought Candy Spelling’s place. Well, maybe some of her wrapping paper. But, I love smoked turkey.  I should have asked for smoked turkey.

My dad…one year later

It’s been little over one hour since I looked at a computer and realized it’s exactly a year now that my father passed.  I was busy today.  Taped a few Hersay’s, met a friend who is going through a very hard time, ran to get a check so my checks didn’t bounce.  I was in a co worker’s office and she was going to show me a talking parrot video. I saw the time.
“I’m sorry,” I said, ” But, I have to have a nervous breakdown right now.”  I cried and my co worker was comforting.  I went down stairs and called my sister Cecily.  I felt like I was going to throw up.  The slightly crazy feeling of last year came back in a flash.
This year went fast.
We shared memories of my father ( as I did with my other sister in the morning).  I am so happy that tomorrow my family, my sister’s and my mom are going to camp near the ocean.  I really need to be with them.  My dad loved the ocean.  He wanted us to enjoy the sun, the ocean, to smile. It was so very important to him that we would have each other.
But, I do feel exhausted.  The grief drains me.
I just came across this picture from my wedding. ourwedding05 075

My dad kissing me moments after I was married.  Why haven’t I blown this up poster size?

Gardening as Therapy

I was giddy and exhausted the first two months in my house by having my yard alone. Never mind getting another chance at home ownership, there is weeding to do.

I take it from this article I’m not the only one who finds gardening helpful. After all, “I think there’s nothing more calming and soothing than the smell of flowers and the earth.” And pounding out one’s aggressions and disappointments.

Happy Summer!