Rex’s Fashion Show

Best Dressed Toddler!

Fancy dress for rough toddler boys!

Style and sporty for little boys!

I keep thinking of tag lines for the cute clothes that Blume sent to Rex. I saw them online and they kindly sent him this shirt with something extra. One with a tie and one with a tie and vest. Trying to get a real tie and vest on a boy who is constantly in motion is a lot harder than just pulling the one t-shirt over … which is hard enough since Rex has a huge head.

The “little man” and the “dapper dude” are a score. They also have shirts with pocket squares. Check out the whole collection.

Check out the “catwalk” of Rex’s choosing. He struts his stuff with the best of them.

Oh, new tag line: Super Toddler Model!

3 thoughts on “Rex’s Fashion Show

  1. Keep sending her more of Rex’s fashions ! Her fans would totally love to ooh and ahh over the concept of a SHARP DRESSED little man. In between shopping at Sears and Hillshire (great comedy!)

    Now, will have to watch this a second time, as the cuteness of a little boy whipping around in a shirt and tie. And a VEST. Walk the runway little blondie!

  2. Oh.. achingly adorable.

    And, of course, the tagline HAS to say, “every girl crazy bout a sharp dressed man.”

    And I think you are so right: how fabulous would Viv look in either of these.

    Hurry up, get them for her before Suri trends them.

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