Free Range Parents

I take that name in part as an ode to my Dr. Phil pal Lenora of Free Range Kids. It’s not always easy to allow your kids to be kids, but I really try to force myself. By doing so, you can also free yourself. Let your kids find the play and follow their lead, not the other way around. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

And who wants to be a harpy, uptight, nagging broad anyway?

We can’t always live with safety straps.

3 thoughts on “Free Range Parents

  1. I still cringe every time my three year old runs around on pavement with his three older brothers. I envision broken teeth and scraped knees, but I keep my trap shut. Four boys, and not one of them has ever broken a tooth by falling on the ground.

  2. I’m usually so over-protective of my kids. I rationalize it because they’re so young, and clumsy (just like their father), but I’ve been forcing myself lately to let them play in ways that I consider dangerous. Who cares if they get a little scrape? Who cares if they fall and cry for a few minutes? That’s part of being a kid!

    And I love how you join in on the fun at the end!

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