Lady Shows

Ah, that sweet hour. The kids have finally gone to sleep. I have brushed my teeth, washed my face, put on my nightgown and thrown moisturizing product in a vain attempt to fight the aging process. I climb into bed and decide which of my DVR’d shows I will watch tonight. It’s my time, me time. ┬áBut, once in a while, my hardworking chef husband is home to share this magic hour before slumber befalls us. Will he partake in my favorite shows?

In my “lady shows”?

I can hear Lou Rawls singing.. “Lady Shows”…

8 thoughts on “Lady Shows

  1. This is so cute.
    You and Mark look adorable in bed.
    So clever.
    What is wrong with chafing dishes?
    It is fun to hear a chef commenting on the buffet.

  2. Four Weddings Cool Idea: Cool Mom and her Chef, Oooh-Boy! as celebrated guest commentators! Who knows how to rate a plate better than Mark? And, who other than Cool Mom would never let her baby girl walk the bridal path in a strapless dress that’s just screaming “malfunction!” C’mon, we ALL do it, Cool Mom and Mark just do it better.

  3. i love it and i love mark’s cameo. should i be embarrassed to admit that my lady shows consist of real housewives and gossip girl AND the view (hot topics only, please)?

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